RO2:LotS 4/10/2012 pt5 Acolyte to Priest

The quest to become a priest from an acolyte. RO2:Izlude playlist: This is a Translation and Commenta…


  1. marry me

  2. kamen lagamayo says:

    nice voice.

  3. no worry. your voice has captured me. :) )

  4. Julius Jezril Calebag says:

    such a cute voice you got there :)

  5. does heal do critical??

    can u send me link…
    i want be priest who can support the party mmber or raid one..
    but i want can hit too :P
    appreciate ur help tx

  7. Christopher Khendy says:

    Already send to ur email. Enjoy ^^

  8. Meiji Ridho Saputra says:

    I actually interested for becoming a Priest in this game, so if you could send me the guide I’d really appreciate it :)

  9. Christopher Khendy says:

    Already Send to ur email. Enjoy the game.

  10. Meiji Ridho Saputra says:

    Uhh.. Are you sure you have send it to my email? Because I don’t see any new mail. Could you please resend it?

  11. Hello , I am new player but can i know what is the map name ?

  12. Solmidil0h says:

    Hello! Can you send me the priest guide please?
    Much appreciated! Thanks~

  13. hello , can u you send me the priest guide and skill simulator please ?
    Thanks alot ~

  14. farizul amran says:

    Priest Full Support?

  15. JoJoRivel says:

    can you send the guide to my email?, thanks alot :D

  16. Golden Hunk says:

    can u send me link…guide n skill simulator ^^ thk a lot

  17. Fajrul Ikhwan says:

    may i know what is your stat?

  18. So Should Priest add AGI ? or only Int & Vit ?

  19. iwase ken says:

    dongo ni orang

  20. Rey John Vildosola says:

    i recommend if ur going to a full support priest go 4 agi and int make it balance and ur vit leave 8 points or 10

  21. Hey, any advice on what stats and skill build I should go for if I’m doing hybrid?

  22. Antrikos pAPa says:

    go INT for mattack(stronger heals)
    AGI(crits–>even stronger heals)
    and a little bit of Vit so u wont get one shoted from bosses

  23. komoriaimi says:

    I like how you tell the quest’s story :)

  24. Amir De Guia says:

    your voice is so cute ^.^

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